Kids beanbag

Kids beanbag

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An important piece of equipment in any child's room is a comfortable seat. It can have many functions: be useful during play whether as a pirate ship or a princess bed. After playing it provides moments of blissful relaxation and calming. It can also be used while studying, watching cartoons or reading books.

Our pouffe, which combines the functions of an armchair and a cushion, is such a useful piece of furniture - providing a high level of comfort it accompanies our kids from an early age.

The small height of the seat minimizes the risk of falling and is just right for the height of our little ones. The low weight makes it easy to move to any place, which has a positive effect on building the child's independence.

An additional advantage is its design and colors - as a beautiful decoration, it complements the décor of any child's room and brings delight to the youngest guests.

Strong and durable and nice in touch cover will survive a lot during the wild games of our kids. The pouffe is easy to keep clean - just remove the cover and wash it at 40°C.

Cover fabric - polyester 100%

Filling: Polyurethane foam pieces

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